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MEDAccess, Inc. Access Utilization Study

Old Man in Wheechair

Study A:  Basic Consultation

A MEDAccess consultant walks through the primary areas of the client’s residence. We then discuss the accessibility issues specific to the client's needs.  This study is offered in selected counties in North Carolina. This study is recommended when:

  • Preparing for a physically challenged and/or elderly individual to temporarily stay in your home.

  • Planning to purchase or remodel a home and desiring a professional opinion on accessibility issues.

  • Anticipating a new or worsening physical impairment that requires assessment of present and future accessibility options.

Nurse and her patient

Study B:  Basic Modification

This is the most common selected study

MEDAccess provides a carefully documented or verbal consultation.  The majority of these consultations are done electronically: example, phone, e-mail, text, face-time and photos.   This written accessibility review is recommended for:

  • Individuals working with healthcare providers (i.e. physician, physical therapist, etc.) who need insight in to accessibility obstacles in the patient's environment.

  • Clients who need professional documentation on accessibility issues in the main living areas of their residence.

Architect drawing

Study C:  Modification & Specification

The most in-depth study available, MEDAccess conducts a detailed assessment and creates an individualized report that includes:

  • Identification of accessibility issues in the entire residence, rather than only the main living areas.

  • Solutions to identified barriers, including diagrams of corrections that comply with standard building practice requirements, and more importantly meet the needs of the physically- challenged individual.

  • Certification of approval by our skilled Board of Advisors consisting of a Board Certified Physician, Experienced Nurse, and Retired General Building Contractor.

​This study is highly recommended when seeking estimates from building and remodeling contractors.

MEDAccess, Inc offers 3 Access Utilization Studies which vary in detail and cost. 

Select the consultation level that is right for you! Unsure? Contact us

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