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aluminum threshold ramp

Personalized Approach:

Individuals with physical limitations face enough challenges without having to worry about accessing their immediate environment. Our goal is to make wheelchair accessibility solutions easy, affordable, and customized for your specific needs.  

Founded on a personal journey as a family, Registered Nurse, and General Contractor with three children, who suffered our own brush with physical disabilities. We found navigating these waters can be complicated and often comes when time, patience, and priorities are stretched.  


We have personally experienced, and still experience, many of the many same accessibility issues that our customers experience.   We are first and foremost here for you - the customer.

Excellence and Professionalism:  

MEDAccess provides much more than our wheelchair accessibility products. We offer trusted resources, ramp rental programs, and trained consultants to help you make an informed decision that fits your specific needs.  

We are here to help! Don't hesitate to phone, text or email us for help navigating our website or with questions regarding our products and services.  Not sure where to begin? We understand - call us at 828-264-4085 with your issues. 

Aluminum portable folding "suitcase" ramp positioned in a store front
Modular Wheelchair Ramps


Daniel Stover

MEDAccess, Inc.

(828) 264-4085

Dan Stover
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