MEDACCESS Wheelchair Ramp Rental Program

Our Modular Ramp Leasing Program is available within Western North Carolina region (Murphy, Andrews, Robbinsville and surrounding area area)

  • Individuals

  • Healthcare providers

  • Insurance Companies

  • Governmental Agencies

  • Commercial Businesses

MEDAccess, Inc. recognizes that some disabilities are permanent, while others may be temporary. We provide rental options that improve accessibility for people with all types of disabilities.

The terms of the rental is determined by you. Many ramp leasing options are available:

  • Need a wheelchair ramp you can travel with? Rent our portable folding ramp.

  • Is a disabled family member visiting? Select one of our easy portable or door/threshold ramps.

  • Is surgery planned and unsure of your recovery period?  Our customizable rental ramps are an easy solution.

  • Is your business under construction and a temporary ADA ramp needed? We have numerous ramps for lease to meet your specific needs.

​As an added bonus, if you decide to purchase the ramp after leasing, we apply 100% of the rental payments towards the purchase price! MEDAccess friendly representatives are here to assist you in the appropriate ramp and design. Call us at (828) 264-4085

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