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MEDACCESS Wheelchair Ramp Rental Program

Our Modular Ramp Leasing Program is available within the Western North Carolina region (Murphy, Andrews, Robbinsville, and, surrounding area)

  • Individuals

  • Healthcare providers

  • Insurance Companies

  • Governmental Agencies

  • Commercial Businesses

The terms of the rental are determined by you. Many ramp leasing options are available:

  • Need a wheelchair ramp you can travel with? Rent our portable folding ramp.

  • Is a disabled family member visiting? Select one of our easy portable door/threshold ramps.

  • Is surgery planned and unsure of your recovery period?  Our customizable rental ramps are an easy solution.

  • Are your business under construction and is a temporary ADA ramp needed? We have numerous ramps for lease to meet your specific needs.

​As a bonus, if you decide to purchase the ramp after leasing, we apply 100% of the rental payments toward the purchase price! MEDAccess-friendly representatives are here to assist you with the appropriate ramp and design. Call us at (828) 264-4085

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