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MEDAccess Do-It-Yourself Home Assessment​

Families at home face many stressful issues with the challenges of accessibilities issues. When a family member or friend will require ambulating with medical equipment, i.e: walkers, crutches and wheelchairs.  Many times families have not given any consideration dealing with accessibility until just days before having to bring the family member or friend home.   You may find yourself wondering how to prepare your home for their arrival.  MEDAccess wants to make your decisions easier.
MEDAccess Inc. has over 25 years experience assisting the physically-challenged and elderly individuals live independent, productive lives by identifying and developing solutions to potential environmental obstacles.  Part of MEDAccess services is offering clients an     on-site Access Utilization Studies providing documentation detailing accessibility issues.  MEDAcccess is now offering for free an 7 page home assessment that can be downloaded and printed out to assist you answer many questions.


 MEDAccess has designed a  FREE Do - It - Your Self Home Assessment .

 Just click the above link and print the download.  It is a simple questionnaire that addresses accessibility issues.  The individual simply answers each question by checking the appropriate box with yes, no or NA (not applicable).  When the assessment is completed you can feel safe and knowledgeable to discuss modifications with your family.


Contact MEDAccess with your questions,  We have encountered many situations over the years. 

Contact us: text or call us  1-828-264-4085 or e-mail medaccess@medaccessinc.com.

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