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Rubber Curb Ramp

Custom Made Rubber Curb Ramp
Custom Rubber Curb Ramp

MEDAccess Curb Ramp is designed to provide ramped access and vertical barrier removal where there is a single path-of-travel requirement.  The Curb Ramp can be used in commercial environments or for private residential use where there is no door swing interference with the side curbs that come standard with this product.  Side curbs are designed to prevent wheels from going off the side of the ramp surface.

Reflective tape can be provided for the top of the curbs to alert users of the vertical edge of each ramp.  These reflective tapes are available in red/white or safety yellow.

Curb Ramps typically come in multiple sections for ease of installation and can be adhered permanently or temporarily.  Solid, durable, and without weight limitations, these ramps are designed for heavy use and have a superior slip-resistant surface.   Curb Ramps come in standard widths of 48” wide and are available from 2” to 5.5” in height, or you can speak with our sales and design team if custom sizes are required.  Depths of ramps are determined by the heights.

MEDAccess Curb Ramp are manufactured out of recycled materials and Made in the USA!!!

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