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Residential 36" Aluminum Ramp

aluminum modular ramp with handrails in an extior landscape
Aluminum modular ramp with handrails next to home

The Residential 36" width aluminum Wheelchair Ramp is a residential modular ramp that can easily be moved or reconfigured if you have to relocate. Made of anodized aluminum, it will remain good-looking through years of use. This system complies with ANSI and ADA guidelines.

·     10-year warranty 

·     assembles easily with a 1/2" wrench 

·     legs can be recessed under the system for a clean look

·     all anodized aluminum: handrails and ramp will not chip, flake, or rust

·     heavy duty welded aluminum construction

·     non-combustible

·     bidirectional knurled tread forms a rugged skid resistant surface that 
cannot wear off

·     fully adjustable height and slope

·     all stainless steel fasteners

·     Universal platforms

·     No footings required

·     Recyclable

Residential aluminum ramp chart sizes and weight
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