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Bridge small-height barriers immediately & affordably with this Black Stonecap Transition Rubber Ramps! Want color? See our Small Color Threshold Rubber Ramp


We can offer you ANY WIDTH SIZE.  Customized FREE . Call or contact us  with your dimensions! 

Width equals your actual door/opening dimensions. The actual width of the ramp is longer, See photo.


MEDAccess Rubber Transition Ramps Dimensions Catalog


See this product installed...


Benefits and Features:

  • Superior slip-resistance - guaranteed for interior or exterior use
  • Quick installation and available in multiple heights
  • Made of recycled rubber tires 
  • Also ideal for shower entrances, and uneven floors and sidewalks
  • Stylish safe, solid, soundless entrances


MEDAccess Inc. Does not offer standard shipping to Hawaii and  Alaska at this time. Please call to request a shipping quote.

Small Rubber Threshold Ramps

PriceFrom $50.66
Excluding Sales Tax
  • The usable area for a wheelchair is either 36" or 72" wide.  The actual length is longer. See dimensions. Want special dimensions? Contact MEDAccess

  • Item#            Height    Depth       Width       Weight

    MRAEZ0010   1/2"       3-1/4"      41-1/2"     3 lbs

    MRAEZ0040  1/2"       3-1/4"       74-1/4"     5 lbs
    (2 pc assembly)


    MRAEZ0050   3/4"       6-1/2"      41-1/2"     6 lbs

    MRAEZ0080  3/4"        7-1/2"       82"          15 lbs
    (2 pc assembly)


    MRAEZ0110   7/8"       8-1/2"       46"           9 lbs

    MRAEZ0140  7/8"        8-1/2"       82"            17 lbs
    (2 pc. assembly)






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