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Portable Wheelchair Ramps - Consider Getting One To Improve Your Mobility at affordable price

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

For people with disabilities, wheelchair ramp provides access to areas where wheelchairs or a handicapped scooter cannot normally go. These ramps can be used on obstacles, such as stairs, curbs, vehicle interior and thresholds of the door.

The portable wheelchairs ramp should be made of durable materials such as MEDAccess heavy guage aluminum or 100% recycled Rubber. They must be rugged, lightweight and durable. Wheelchairs ramps must be equipped with non-slip tape or rough finish for greater safety, and should be able to support a weight of 600 pounds to 800 pounds.

Ideally, you must have a minimum weight of 550 lbs. make sure the ramp purchased has a minimum carrying capacity that exceeds the weight of the wheelchair more heavily. Many ramps are designed for use with free wheelchairs. Select a portable ramp designed to carry wheelchairs while you are in it.

MEDAccess Portable ramps can extend up to ten feet in length. They must be tightly closed when in use and crossed, folded for easy storage in wheelchairs or vehicles. Racks for wheelchairs must have edge protectors. This will prevent the user from falling to the side. They also have to have the ultimate platform so that the chair can move smoothly from ramp to the street.

When choosing a ramp, you need to evaluate your exact needs. Maybe you just need to simply take you through the pavement or step. Or maybe you need one that allows you to access a van. You should also consider its durability and quality.

There are several types of ramps, depending on your needs:

Portable loading ramps are used to access edges, altitudes or porches. They can be light weight and simply folded for storage.

Telescopic ramps have two paths that can be expanded and locked to allow access to commercial vehicles.

Roll-up ramps allow wheelchairs and scooters to move up to the edge, short steps or lift trucks. Depending on size, they are very portable.

Throttle ramps allow scooters and wheelchairs to cross the thresholds. Once installed, the door must always be able to open and close normally.

You can carry the ramps with you if you encounter an obstacle and there are no available ramps. They can be used for vehicles and entrance thresholds. Portable wheelchair ramps can be designed as track ramp or platforms ramps. The platform ramps are wide and flat and the wheelchairs on a large surface. These can be foldable or non-foldable.

On the other hand, the telescopic ramps are made to be long and narrow. They come in pairs, one for each side of the wheelchair. The control of the ramp can be telescopic or can be folded into a easy carry unit.

Do you need an affordable wheelchair? Medaccess Inc. Wheelchairs are a solution for accessibility for people with mobility problems. Medaccess Inc. portable ramps are available in a wide range. The development of a wheelchair ramp has facilitated the transportation of people with disabilities wherever they want. The portable ramp provides a platform that is analogous to the road or sloping surface.

Aluminum or steel mobile ramps provide easy access to parts of buildings, stairs and vehicles, including vans, trucks, SUVs and others. These ramps are reliable and easy to install. When choosing a ramp for a wheelchair, consider factors such as the length of the ramps, the ramps width, the elevator, and the weight capacity.

Medaccessinc has a wide range of affordable portable ramps,they including:

• Single Fold Portable Ramps: lightweight, durable and durable aluminum. They are easy to handle and have a lot of weight. This type of ramps is also known as a luggage ramp.

• Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramps: be folded several times and are available in a length of 5 to 10 feet. Transportable folding ramps can be transported as a carry case. These are suitable for handling heavy wheelchairs because they are the toughest portable ramps.

• Threhold alluminum portable Ramps: these are fold-able and non-foldable ramps that are secured with and without side rails. These threshold ramps are available in lengths of three to five feet. They are lightweight, stable and powerful as well.

• Telescoping Ramps or Track Ramps: These adjustable ramps are made of solid aluminum that will not rust. Tracks come in pairs and are available in different lengths. These light fixtures allow easy access to stairs and thresholds.

• Van Wheelchair ramps: These affordable portable aluminum ramps allow easy access to the van door. It can handle heavy trucks. They are lightweight, have a non-slip surface and can be easily installed.

Although there are many portable ramps available in different lengths and widths, it is important to find a ramp that suits your particular needs.

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