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Use of a folding portable ramp

 Meet Your Ramp Needs
Customize Your Ramps 

Told Your Ramp Needs ADA 1:12 Ramp Grade?
Many Existing  homes & facilities exempt !

Picture of a Safe Residential Ramp in black color located at the entrance of a landing/door.
Picture of a wheelchair on an portable aluminum ramp
Aluminum ramp with handrails installed at a home

Free Home Assessment

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Ramps for Scooters and Wheelchairs

Our passion is to help individuals return to a more productive and independent lives, despite their mobility limitations. We offer unparalleled professionalism with staff including a Licensed General Contractor, Registered Nurse and Board Certified Physician. We invite you to call us directly or visit our website, and welcome the opportunity to show you how MEDAccess can make your life easier! Ready to get started? Click on any of the links above to shop online or call (828) 264-4085 for assistance.

A patio covered in colored rubber landing products
Installed commercial aluminum ramp in front of an office building
A man in a wheelchair going up a wheelchair ramp

Accessibility Plans Analysis and Construction Project Management: 

Accessibility Home Reviews and Recommendations: MEDAccess Inc. 

For individuals that require remodeling or new construction to meet their mobility concerns, MEDAccess offers insightful plans, reviews, and construction management that looks beyond ADA code to address the client’s specific needs. Free Resources: Mobility limitations dramatically alter daily activities and interactions.  We offer helpful resources like “Tips for the Recently Disabled” and a “DIY Accessibility Home Review."

Specific home and client limitations, and the myriad of products available, can make identifying and removing mobility obstacles seem overwhelming.  A mere one inch disparity on a threshold can be insurmountable in a wheelchair. Improperly mounted grab bars can cause falls in the elderly. Let MEDAccess navigate the options and develop the most comprehensive solution possible for the given budget. 

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