Earn for Referring

The best marketing a company can have is someone like you!  MEDAccess wants to reward you for what you do naturally – talking to friends and family.  It’s simple – refer someone to MEDAccess.  If the person you refer purchases a product or service, we pay you or a charitable organization 10% of the sales price (up to $50).  It’s that easy! 

Simply go to medaccessinc.com and log-in as "new user"  or "returning customer".  After you have logged in, go to the contact us page and tell us who you are referring and the best way to contact them. Be sure to let your friend or family member know that you are referring MEDAccess to them. Someone from MEDAccess will be in contact with them.  Remember, there is no pressure to buy, just a friendly, experienced MEDAccess representative asking if we can be of assistance. 

We never release your personal information.  Our company logo is, “Making Life Easier”.  It's that simple.  If you have questions or comments – call (828) 264-4085.  


Daniel Stover, 

CEO/Founder MEDAccess, Inc.