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Bridge small-height barriers immediately and in color with this small Stonecap Transition Rubber Ramps! Don't forget your installation adhesive, see "Useful Products".


We can offer you ANY WIDTH SIZE.  Customized FREE. Call or contact us with your dimensions! 

Width equals your actual door/opening dimensions. The actual width of the ramp is longer, see photos.


MEDAccess Rubber Transition Ramps Dimensions Catalog


* Note: Due to Shipping & Manufacturer Regulations this product is delivered in 2 pieces.  After installation the seam is virtually impossible to detect.


Benefits and Features:

  • Superior slip-resistance - guaranteed for interior or exterior use
  • Quick installation and available in multiple heights
  • Made of recycled rubber tires
  • Available in six custom colors
  • Also ideal for shower entrances, and uneven floors and sidewalks
  • Stylish safe, solid, soundless entrances


MEDAccess Inc. Does not offer standard shipping to Hawaii and  Alaska at this time. Please call to request a shipping quote.

Small Color Rubber Threshold Ramps

PriceFrom $76.21
  • FREE SHIPPING !!     Area of the ramp for the actual wheelchair is either 36" or 72" width.  View MEDAccess Transition Rubber Ramp Dimensions Catalog for details

  • Item#                Height      Width     Weight

    STCAP0010       1/2"          36"        4 Lbs

    STCAP 0040*     1/2"          72"        7 lbs

    STCAP 0050      3/4"          36"        9 lbs

    STCAP 0080*     3/4"         72"        12 lbs

    STCAP 0110       7/8"         36"         11 lbs

    STCAP 0140*      7/8"         72"         16 lbs