MEDAccess, Inc. offers a convenient “BUY BACK” Program.  

Elderly Man in wheelchair

Our clients no longer worry about these uncertain aspects of purchasing a wheelchair ramp. MEDAccess provides several excellent options:

1. MEDAccess will purchase our ramps back from you, for a percentage of the original cost.  In fact, you may have most or all of your initial out-of-pocket expenses refunded if you purchased the ramp system with the financial assistance of insurance, state agencies, etc. 


2. MEDAccess periodically works with needy families who can’t afford a new ramp system.  We collect and repair used ramp donations in Western NC and in turn provide these ramps to individuals with minimal investment. 


3. There are numerous charitable organizations that assist low-income physically challenged and elderly individuals. We can help you locate a charity in your area who can accept your ramp donation.

How long will you actually need your ramp system? What will you do with your ramp when it is no longer being used?